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Pulastic by Robbins—The Champion Of Synthetic Surfaces.

  • Superior Safety: shock absorption, seamless uniformity, optimum friction.
  • Superior Durability: Pulastic provides a stable floor system featuring a renewable wear surface that can be professionally refurbished to last the life of the building.
  • Lasting Beauty: color stability, permanent gameline bonding and easy, virtually invisible repairs including color and graphic changes.
  • Permanent Performance: renewable wear layer can be recoated indefinitely.
  • Superior Strength: Pulastic performs under the everyday use of tables, chairs and bleachers.

We Guarantee Robbins Quality with Every Pulastic Floor:

  • Pulastic floors feature a special recycled rubber shock pad for resiliency and ball rebound and meet LEED Certification requirements for use of recycled products.
  • Pulastic provides a seamless polyurethane structural layer that is strong, durable and free of mercury, lead and other heavy metals.
  • Pulastic is certified under stringent ISO-14001 environmental quality standards.
  • Pulastic’s roller-applied wear surface provides a delicate balance of surface friction and slide to make it the best choice for most indoor sports.
  • Pulastic offers a wide range of performance floors suitable for all levels of sport and recreation.
  • Pulastic has a floor for every age group, every activity and every budget.



  • Exceptional durability and superior wear-resistance for indoor applications.
  • The standard for indoor multipurpose
    synthetic surfaces


Pulastic 2000

  • Enhanced strength and tear resistance for extra durability.
  • Well suited to heavy rolling load situations


Pulastic TB

  • High-performance shock absorption, ball response and traction with a textured surface.
  • Designed to combine tennis and indoor soccer with standard multipurpose activity


Pulastic DG

  • DIN 18032 Certified— ideal when safety, comfort and reduced fatigue is a high priority.
  • Mesh-reinforced pad for added stability in aerobics, dance and recreational activities.

Pulastic SP

  • Spike-resistant, shock-absorbing surface for indoor track and field events.
  • Engineered for indoor running-spike usage—the preferred choice for all levels of competition.

Pulastic FP

  • A complete system for refurbishing old, worn polyurethane floors.
  • Multiple enhancement options available, including color, surface texture and resilience.


Pulastic FA

  • Heavy-duty sound-absorbent surface for roller and inline skating.
  • Great for high traffic, demanding activities in weight rooms and cardiovascular training areas.

Pulastic JV

  • Exceptionally soft, hygienic and shock-absorbent surface, ideal for daycare/ young children.
  • Well suited for senior citizen activities, walk-jog areas and child play areas

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