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Bio-Cushion ELP

Bio-Cushion ELP

Robbins resilient, lowest profile floating system.

  • Saftey & Performance - Same great sports finishes designed for optimal coefficient of friction.
  • Long Life - Designed to last the life of the facility.
  • Less Facility Disruption - Designed to install quickly, Robbins design can cut days off typical installation time.
  • Environmental Stewardship - With Robbins Continuous Strip® XL450™ maple...consume a third less raw materials
  • Healthier Environment during installation - With Robbins' factory sanded option, installers have the ability to complete a 'dustless' finishing operation.
  • Value-Engineered to provide a cost-saving alternative to generic plywood and pad systems, with no compromise in quality or service.

The First Biomechanical Design. The First DIN Certified Floor. The #1 Floating Panel System. Just What You'd Expect From Robbins.

Bio-Cushion by Robbins.

  • The system that initiated the Robbins legacy of safety, comfort and performance.
  • Better shock absorption and ball bounce versus other panel systems.
  • Combined with Continuous Strip® XL, Bio-Cushion floors are an economical and safer alternative to the older designs of the 1960s.
  • Your choice of pads makes Bio-Cushion family of floors a good choice for most facilities and activities.

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